Surviving crypto winter with MiningOptimizer – the difference between shutting down or keeping going

The past year has been quite the roller coaster ride for crypto enthusiasts. We have seen crypto rise to unparalleled highs and then plummet again to an ongoing period of what has been referred to as the Crypto Winter, with far reaching consequences.

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New coin added to MiningOptimizer: BEAM

Several new coins like BEAM and GRIN have risen from the Crypto Jungle these past months and we have been doing our homework, taking a closer look at the legitimacy of the project, the technology and the team behind creative logos and funny names. If you want to find out why we have added Beam to MiningOptimizer please read on.

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Newest Addition to our GPUs: Tesla v100

NVIDIA Tesla V100

We are quite exited to announce the newest addition to our supported GPUs – the Tesla V100-SXM2-32GB, 32480 MB. The Tesla V1oo outperforms most NVIDIA cards in terms of hashing power. We are talking up to 40 % uplift! If you think this is an exaggeration, check out last month’s uplift of the Tesla V100 with our MiningCalculator or the performance in comparison to various other GPUs below:

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How it all began…

When crypto was slowly emerging from a long time of puttering around and began climbing the chart ladders in the 2017 bull-run we (and I guess many others :-)) had the ingenious idea of opening a mining farm. A calculable invest and certain return – that’s what we thought. Easy peasy – that’s what we thought. And what better place to do so than Iceland, where water power came at a reasonable price and a rather cold climate would save us having to waste lots of money on air conditioning.

Our Mining Farm in Iceland

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