Costs feature

We have equipped MiningOptimizer with a costs feature.

So far it was possible for MiningOptimizer to indicate any GPUs performance over the course of 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. This gave you the possibility to find out exactly how your GPUs were performing with and without MiningOptimizer.

Real profit vs revenue

The difference between a revenue generated including and excluding MiningOptimizer was referred to as uplift. Say your GPU made 145 $ in February, which amounts to about 40 % more money running on MiningOptimizer vs just mining streight ETH which would have amounted to about 104 $. We referred to it as an uplift of 41 $ or 40 %. However the numbers indicated were only the revenue generated by the GPUs but not the actual profit that mining farm operators were making and putting into their pockets. Because you are probably the last person I need to point out to that mining farms have costs such as electricity and hosting and in order to find out what a company’s real profit is, these costs have to be subtracted from the revenue generated by the GPUs.

Costs to be featured

This is what the cost feature is for. You can now find out about your real profit by indicating either only your power costs or only your hosting costs or both costs together. Your real profit will then be calculated by subtraction of the figures indicated by you. This enables you to find out if your business is profitable or whether certain measures should be taken to making your business more successful, such as exchanging outdated GPUs for some newer ones, for instance.

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